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Great Dane Puppies for Sale


  • Update: June 15, 2016!
  • There is currently a litter available from Nola and Odin. Coming soon – new puppies from Rose and Commissioner.

Thank you for visiting our ‘Litters’ page. Routinely check back here for updates on when puppies from our next litter will be available. In addition, as you wait for the next litter, you can complete an online application for a new puppy and take a look at what a sample contract agreement would look like.

When deciding where you will purchase a Great Dane puppy from, keep in mind that our dogs are highly regarded for their gentle temperaments and distinct conformations, and both of those traits bode well if you are planning to use your Great Dane for show. We do not breed dogs that seem standoffish.

To learn more about the puppies in our upcoming litter or if you would like more information about what makes our dogs unique, contact us today.

  1. Online Application for a New Puppy
  2. Pet Agreement Sample Contract
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