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About Southern Star Great Danes

Almost two¬†decades ago my fascination with Great Danes led me to a big litter of fat, bumbling puppies. I fell in love with the largest who looked like a black bear as he rolled and climbed over his brothers looking for his mommy. Bruno grew to be a huge gorgeous black male and taught me how loving, protective and affectionate this breed of “gentle giants” can be. They are truly “people dogs” who love to touch and lean (you learn early to brace yourself as they lean in for an ear scratch).
It was with Bruno that I learned a hard lesson – be careful who you buy a puppy from – check out the breeder, the bloodline and insist on health testing. We were heartbroken when we lost our 2 year old Bruno to a hidden genetic heart condition. So I did my research and chose our next Dane, Fleckenhaus Southern Star (my “Dixie”) who is still with us, a little creaky, as all old ladies are. She is loving and protective of her “big” sister fuzzy Lucky.

When I became serious about breeding a quality dog, I searched for a distinguished bloodline that boasted not only champions, but true companions. Dar-Lin Kennels of New Iberia, LA was my choice. From them we got “Minnie” out of their brood bitch, “Tippy” Dar-Lins Creekside by Chance, and “Shadow” Multiple BISS Ch Lamar’s Sun of Dreamaker. Minnie was a sweet puppy who grew to be an elegant lady with a marvelous disposition, a true daughter of champions who is now a champion herself, GCH CH Dar-lins Tip of the Shadow. She is wonderfully patient with my rough and tumble grandsons and granddaughter, who learned early to watch out for the “happy tail”. Who could ask for more – except for more room in the bed when she stretches out in her sleep?

Since then we have added other Danes in our home (Jeb, Jack, Rose), some have been show champions and some just loyal, devoted friends. We have great hopes for our newest additions, Bo, Pickett, and Nola from Minnie’s 2012 litter.

Our love for this breed is what keeps us so involved and encouraged us to start this website.

Sonya Moore, Owner
Southern Star Great Danes

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